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All You Need to Know About PWA

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is one of the most trending technological shifts in the world today. The technology is gaining unparalleled momentum in the IT world. If you are building a website, you must have heard of this revolutionary technology.

Already, the technology is in the spotlight and people are talking about it. If you are new to this technology, we will get you through the basic things that you need to know about PWA.

What is PWA?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a new methodology for developing an app from a website. Well, this technology differs greatly from the traditional applications as it is a hybrid of regular web pages and a mobile application.

The main idea behind PWA is that it convert a website to mobile app, thus, giving you the mobile experience for your web pages. You can also generate PWA online and enjoy this amazing mobile experience for your web pages.

What are the benefits of PWA?

In order to understand PWA better, you should know some of the benefits that are associated with this technology.

  1. Reliable

Unlike traditional applications, this hybrid model is very reliable to users. Its reliability is measured against the page loading speed, which is very fast. Furthermore, you can use PWA offline, making it extremely reliable. The dynamic nature of this technology is what makes it very reliable.

  • Fast

Once you have PWA, you can say goodbye to slow loading of pages. This is because this technology boosts the loading speed of your web pages. In slow connections, you will still get some pretty good speeds to enjoy.

If you are a lover of animations, then this PWA is the right technology for your use in watching or creating animations.

  • Engaging

Did you know that you can launch PWA from the home screen by click the button “add to home screen“? Well, this is the kind of engagement you get when you generate PWA online. You can also receive a push notification with this technology.

Financial benefits:

  • Wider reach

According to Google, the number of users of the mobile web has been on a skyrocketing growth in the last few years. Another report shows that it is more likely for a person to use the mobile website than an app. Therefore, by tapping into this growing audience, PWA intends to give you an unlimited audience, and because of this you should create PWA to your site so your mobile website can get the power of PWA with an offline mode and the option to become a native app.

Of course, with features such as PWA offline, you can convert these figures into sales and make a lot of money.

PWA is still a growing technology; get to know all about PWA and tap into its potential.

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