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What is wappaa

Wappaa gives you the ability to convert your website to a mobile APP using the cutting edge new generation technology of PWA. Using our platform you can push notifications to all of your subscribers, our platform is flexible and easy for use. Push notifications nowadays are essential for any website as it provides you the ability to keep in touch with your users. Using our platform you can produce an app , from your website for both "ios" and "android", And by that reduce the cost of developing an app. Our platform is very easy to use And fully automated. you are able to achieve both App and push notifications in one action.

Why Wappaa?

Wappaa is a platform for website owners and developers Alike. The services we offer save time for website owners And developers alike. There is no need to re-develop an app and spending a valuable time for developing the app your website will easily function as an app. When you have an app it increases your target audience and the impression of your app.

So how it works

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How to push notifications

How to push notifications with custom logic

Our services

All in one App and push notifications platform

Using this service we offer "pwa" app with a push notitications platform and an option to install the app directly from your site using a custom installation panel , you can also design your custom installation panel . using app and push notifications you increase your target audience and improve the user experience , save a lot of time and money.

Pwa service

Using this service we offer pwa with offline homepage support only and option to install your app directly from your website.

Pwa with full offline app

Using this service we offer "pwa offline" with a full offline support to your website and it's will give to your website best performance and option for the end user to use your website without internet it's will also increase your target audience and improve the user experience. this service also include the option to install your app directly from your site with "add to homescreen" button.

Native app for android an ios

Using this service we offer pure app from your website and its gives you the power to publish your app for android "play store" And ios "app store".

Pwa with full offline app and Native app for Android and iOS

Using this service we offer all the options we provide And they are "pwa offline" , custom install banner for your site and Native app for Android and iOS including push notifications platform..


We can also offer customized services just write to us and we will do our best for your site.

Customers reviews


The WAPPAA all is a great way to integrate WIX and PWA's. I found the app simple to use and the support team responsive and efficient. This is a great tool!

Mark J , United States

Form Physic Fitness

Thank you so much for your feature. I'm wix users and I transform my website into an PWA easy and faster. I made a mistake but team support was help me on Sunday. It was wonderful. Good job to wappaa team.

Alex k , France


Nice product and great service. I had very pleasant experience purchasing this app, set up was very easy, instructions provided were very clear and easy to follow, app works as advertised, fast service and seller communicates well with you and in timely manner, I highly recommend them.

Tom l , United States