Pwa Offline

Benefits of Using PWA Offline for Businesses

One of the leading benefits of PWA is its offline feature. This is an amazing benefit to many people, especially those living in places where there is a slow internet connection for fast browsing.

If you own a business website, you need to increase your target base by creating PWA and adding it to the home screen for offline use ,
by click the button “add to home screen“. This will significantly improve your business in many ways.


When you have PWA offline, you ensure that you can access web pages even when there is no internet connection. In other words, you give your audience access to information even when their internet connection is not good.

This is a great benefit for you will always be online transacting your businesses regardless of the internet connection. The result of this would be increased revenue.


Users of PWA consistently enjoy the fast experience. Everything about PWA is fast, from the moment you decide to download it to the moment you start your interactions. For businesses, you need this fast speed when interacting with your audience.

Increase in engagement

According to data, top users of PWA offline have noticed an increase of about 48% in user engagement. Alibaba is one of the sampled sites that recorded an increase in user interaction. For a business, you don’t need to be told that an increase in user engagement is likely to result in increased potential revenues, which you can convert into sales.

Access anywhere

One of the drawbacks of apps is accessibility. This is what PWA has come out to correct. With PWA offline, it doesn’t matter whether your mobile device is an Android or iOS; you can access it anywhere. The beauty of it is that you don’t need different codebases for the operating systems. This kind of compatibility makes your work easier as a businessperson.

Doesn’t need much space

You don’t have to worry about having more space on your device when you download PWA offline. The issues of space are sorted out because PWA doesn’t consume much of the device’s storage space. It is like an invisible app on your phone that doesn’t consume space.


PWA offline is very responsive. It swiftly adapts to the type of device through which users are accessing the internet. Be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop, the responsive design nature of PWA adjusts to the requirements of the device used.  

You just shouldn’t operate a business website without linking it to PWA offline for a better experience.