WordPress Site To App

 (using pwa)

WordPress is the most used php platform for personal or businesses company to build websites in the market .
it’s a lot of template you can find on the internet and also a big community and a lot of good templates,
they offer a lot of plugins for your website and also for e-commence online store , hotel booking and many more.

Why to use WordPress?

WordPress offers you a wide range of template sites and with a big community and it also easy for developer to use WordPress,
wordPress offer a good management platform.
basically if you want to build a site from scratch it will cost you a lot of money and a lot of headache,
so WordPress is ​​a good choice for you.

Did WordPress templates designed for mobile?

Well, most sites on WordPress are designed to work on mobile And iPad which is also a good reason to choose WordPress
And it also saves you a lot of work and time with mobile design.

How wappaa make it easy to push notifications?

Wappaa offer an easy platform to push notification and its more easy to implement for developers,
wappaa offer even a custom logic push notifications, for example if you want to push notifications automatic
when some user buy some product or service in your site ,
your developer just need to copy an paste the code in right place in your code or you can also do this, and that it
instead to write code and waste time and more money for developers.


How wappaa convert WordPress site to app?

Wappaa offer an easy way to convert WordPress site to app by adding designed bar to your site and do automatic the “pwa“ for you ,
you even not need a developer for this just copy and paste the generated code to your main template file between the “head” tag
and you get app in a minute.

So how it work ?

Just fill your app name and select your desire package fill the form, design your panel that show in your web app.
this install panel added your web app “add to home screen” in your mobile phone.
after all the process you get code in download section , or in dasboard “my app” under view code button
copy this code to the head section view Document guide.

How it look like?