Convert Website to Mobile App using pwa

Сreate an app for websites and push notification platform in a minute with pwa App Builder

Create your app easily. Turn your site into mobile app and get new subscribers and users within a four simple steps. No coding is required just copy paste.

convert website to mobile app

How to Convert Website to a Mobile App?

3 steps to make an app from website

  • 1
    Click on “Create App Now” button.
  • 2
    Add Website url link
    Copy website link then paste or type the url . You can use any url from your website Note : if you plan to use other url from your website instead of main page your app will start from the given url.
  • 3
    Edit your app name and logo
    We automatic generate the name of your app and logo or you can edit the name of your app and upload logo. click “Skip and continue” button or “Edit” button if you want to design your install bar (add to home screen).

How to implement ?

3 steps to implement your app from website

  • 1
    Go to your app on dashborad
    On the right corner click on your account and select “my apps”.
  • 2
    Select your app
    Select your app and click “Manage” button.
  • 3
    Copy paste
    Click the “Copy code” button, then paste in the main HTML page between the head tag.
free Android app from website

Create Website App in a minute

Turning your website into an app that is so easy and cheap thanks to pwa technology.Making an Android app from website is so simple. upgrade your business, get new users and increase your target audience. 

Easy app & push notifications

Using wappaa you get app with push notifications , all in one place . Your website Will be upgrade and in a minute you have full pwa app with push notifications platform.

make mobile app from website is easy
free website app maker

Option for APK file

You can also add Android APK file of your App. It’s just take couple of minutes and you get also apk file to upload to google play store it’s another way to improve your website.

Create App for Website with push notification

Fast and secured

Light and fast PWA app within a few seconds. Works on both android and ios.

Push notifications automatically with logic

Powerful system for push notifications with your custom logic, just copy paste the generated code to your desire location at your code.

Push Notifications

Increase your audience with App subscriber directly through push notifications wappaa platform, share some news or any hot updates.

Android and Ios Support for app

Fully supports Android and Ios , Push notifications works on android and mac with google chrome browser. safari browser not support push notification yet.

convert website to mobile app

Create App From Any Website

You can convert your site into a mobile app from any URL within your site.

Any developer or even you with a little bit knowledge can create app from any link from your website.
note: if you select inner link in your site the app will start from this link.

Convert your Website to App in a Minute!

Wappaa convert website to App

Simple and easy To convert website to App , Complete solution for websites No Code Required No skill required , simple and easy in few steps with Wappaa PLATFORM.

How does it look?

First note: you have two panels for your site: one for push notifications, where your subscribers allow them to receive notifications from your app, and another is an installation panel, where the user clicks to install your app directly.

Benefits Website App using pwa

An app for the website gives you the opportunity to be exposed to a new target audience. Most of the existing target audience comes from mobile devices, and most sales are made on mobile devices so it is important that you have an app for your website. just increase the target audince of your website.



Questions and answers?

How to create an app for a website?

To create an app for a website, you need just link for your app and upload a logo in the “validation data form” , It takes a few minutes to convert a website to app.

Do I need code skills to create an app?

No , to create an app just copy and paste the generated links to your website and thats all, you get app with push notifications in a minute.


How to push notifications with app?

To push notifications for your app just go to your account menu click “my apps” then select your app and click on “push notification” button then in the float window fill the title the message the link (optional) and also image (optional) and click the send button.

How to push notifications with custom logic event?

To push notifications with a custom logic automatically when some event is fired , for example you add new product to your site and want to notify to all subscribers go to your account click “my apps” then select your app and click push notifications, on the float window click on “advanced push notifications” then copy the code and paste in your desired place in code for this action you may need a developer , but its so easy so even you can do it.


Can I change my app design while i use the app?

Yes! you do not need to worry about this because app automatically updated when you change the design of your website.

Will I have support when I use the app?

Yes the support team will give you an answer no more than 24 hours.

What are the benefits of pwa apps?

Pwa is the hottest technology today and is supported by google and includes web push notifications and a very small app size, most of them no more than 1 MB, pwa applications are the future of apps. and it’s work great with app.

Can I monetize my website app?

Yes you can leave your current advertising platform on the site For example if you use Google Ads it can also serve you in your app.

Can I create an app with pwa that also have apk?

Yes! Wappaa creates applications that depend on the new “pwa” technology and of course we can create an apk from your site using the new pwa technology.

How is Wappaa different from another app converter?

Wappaa converts your website to App in a different manner we use the most new technology like pwa and web push notifications and also can make apk from your website using “Twa” technology.