How to install PWA?

Note: this document guide is not for simple package(third-party websites) Document guide for third-party websites

First after you get the link to zip file in your downloads section,download the file and extract this to some folder in your local computer,after this go to folder pwa->install and copy all the files and folders to your root folder of your website.

Second step is to open the file guide_to_install.txt in the zip file and copy the next lines to your main file like index.php , index.html , default.aspx if you use wordpress open the header file and paste the lines there.

After you finish to do all this steps you can check your website for pwa please hit f12 to inspect then go to application tab and check if you see your website url, if you see your website url and the status it’s green congratulation you installed your pwa correctly.

After this you can check the install button to your website open you website url at you mobile and click install button from the banner panel and then approve “add to home screen”.
after all you can see your icon logo at your mobile home screen.

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