Convert a Website to Mobile App

Why Should You Convert a Website to Mobile App with PWA?

Do you own a website? Are you interested in improving engagement on your website? Well, the solution for this would be to convert a website to a mobile app with PWA. But you are probably wondering how this would be of benefit to your website.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should convert your website to a mobile app with PWA:

  1. Mobile-first approach

PWA is integrated with the mobile-first approach, which means that your website will function better on mobile devices without experiencing issues.

  • Hybrid of native apps and mobile web

You also get to enjoy the benefits of traditional applications and the experience of the mobile web. This hybrid system is useful for website owners running businesses that require both the mobile web experience and the effectiveness of a traditional app.

  • Saves the cost of a native app

When you convert your website to a mobile app with PWA, you get to save about 75% of the cost you would have incurred in building and maintaining a traditional app. The idea behind PWA is that you only adjust your storefront and not creating a separate app.

  • PWA works offline

Again, you get to enjoy the benefit of PWA offline. This means that you can keep on browsing even when you lack an internet connection.

  • Faster loading times

If you are running a business website, you need to have a faster loading time for your web pages. This is exactly what PWA brings into play. According to metrics, you can get at least 2-3x faster loading times when using PWA.

  • Reduces server load

When the loading speeds are faster, you also reduce the risk of server load. This means that your store won’t crash down when there are intensive traffic flows.

  • Reduced weight of app

When you convert a website to a mobile app with PWA, you don’t have to worry about the weight of the app. This is because PWA reduces the weight of apps by 80-90%. For example, a traditional app like Twitter would be 100mb+ while Twitter lite (PWA) will only be 1.5mb. This is a huge difference in weight on a mobile device.

The benefits of converting a website to a mobile app with PWA are limitless. The most important thing for your business website is to get this technology embedded in your store for you to start increasing engagement that could translate into improved revenue.