Add to home screen (PWAs)

Why You Need Add To Home Screen

When you generate PWA online, there is an option of adding PWA to the home screen. You should check this option as it will redefine the experience you will have for your store.

Adding it to your home screen allows you to deploy a mobile app and mobile web for your store conveniently for engagement.

What is required?

Even before you think of PWA added to your home screen, your app must be:

  • Progressive

The app needs to work for every user without restrictions as to the type of browser. PWA is built with progressive enhancement, thus, your app must be progressive.

  • Responsive

When you add PWA to the home screen, it needs to fit any form of such as a mobile, desktop, tablet or whatever form people are using. This increases engagement with people using different devices out there.

  • Connectivity-independent

The most amazing this about PWA offline is that you can use it even when there is no internet connection. This is a feature that ensures a seamless flow of activity offline or in low network connections, thus improving engagement with users.

  • Fresh

The service worker update process ensures that the app is fresh and up-to-date. Keeping it updated is one of the things that you’ll need to do so that you don’t miss out on exciting engagement features being introduced regularly.

  • App-like

When added to the home screen, PWA offline looks like an app. This means that you enjoy the navigation and interactions of a regular application.

  • Safe

Just to ensure the content is not tampered with during the exchange of data, PWA is served via HTTPS. This keeps your data safe even when you add them to the home screen.

  • Discoverable

PWA on the home screen is identifiable as ‘applications’. This happens when input details in the manifest. Search engines would easily discover the PWA keeping you online and discoverable all the time.

  • Installable and linkable

Users can keep the apps they like on their home screens. Furthermore, if they like the app, they can share it with other users. This works well for you to increase engagement with users.

The revolution of PWA is an exciting thing that you should take advantage of before you are edged out of the market. Just remember that you can add PWA to your home screen to improve access to the app when you need it.