Document guide for third party websites

After purchasing a package you will receive your code in the download section go to the “Downloads” section of your account menu and click the View button then copy the code into the headings section of your site, you can also go to your dashboard then click on “my app” tab then select your app and click view code button.

<meta ... 
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<link .. 

   Paste Your Code Here


How to Implement with wix

If you use “wix” open dashboard than go to settings->Tracking & Analytics click the button “new tool” and select “custom” when the pop window is open paste the code and click “apply” button

How the wix app will looks like

Implement with ezblox

If you use “ezblox” login and click “my account” select your website and click on hamburger icon and in the menu select “head code” paste the code and save -> publish